Suspension Service in Reno and Sparks

When they hear the word suspension, many motorists in Reno and Sparks may think back to those energetic days of grade school. Well, your vehicle's suspension is a good thing because it keeps your car up off the road and helps provide a comfy ride around Reno and Sparks. Its mission is to [...]

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Auto Repair – Power Windows

When it comes to auto repair for power windows a little history might help first. Did you know that the first power window dates back to the 1940's? Packard created the first power window when it introduced its hydraulic window in the Packard 180 series car. Ford was right on their heels in 1941 when [...]

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Driving Around Reno And Sparks on Cruise Control

When car makers first came out with cruise control, it was a real leisure item.  Traditional systems used a mechanical vacuum system, and it worked.  Well, most of the time.  Nowadays, cruising is automated, thanks to computers.  It's safe and makes that long journey around Reno and Sparks seem less tedious.  Now, this option comes [...]

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Wheel Alignment Problems When Driving Around Reno and Sparks?

Does something seem amiss with your wheel alignment when driving around Reno and Sparks?  When properly aligned, all of your tires point in the same direction. Your vehicle will track correctly and handle the way the manufacturer intended. Reno and Sparks drivers often associate their wheels being “knocked” out of alignment with an event like [...]

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What’s up with Diesels in Reno and Sparks?

Would you be surprised to learn diesel engines power about half of the passenger cars in Europe? Then you might also be surprised to learn most foreign and domestic manufacturers produce a variety of diesel-fueled cars for purchase abroad. In North American markets like Nevada, diesel-fueled vehicles haven't been as popular. But that won't be [...]

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