Car Battery Replacement, Who What, When, Why?

What does the battery do?

The battery in your car powers all your electrical devices. It powers your radio, dome lights, and even your engine! Let’s dive in and break down all the things you may not know about your battery.

The workings of a battery?

We are going to talk more about your car battery, but first, let’s talk a little more about how a battery works.

A battery is a mechanism that uses chemical reactions to generate electricity. Inside the battery are structures called cells that store the Reno and Sparks Battery Replacementenergy created by the chemical process. The chemical process at work in your car battery has to do with lead-acid. The lead-acid chemical reaction produces electricity and stores that energy inside the cells. A car battery falls into a type of battery known as an SLI type of battery. SLI stands for Starting, lighting, and ignition. SLI batteries are good at providing short bursts of energy for just such purposes. Once the battery starts the engine, the alternator takes over power generation for the vehicle.

So Why Is My Battery Dead Again?

Your battery can die for many reasons. Just like your cell phone, your car needs a battery to run correctly. Did you know that on average, a battery needs replacing every four years? When it does die, and it will, you will not be able to start your car. Even if you get a jump from a friendly stranger, your battery might not be in good enough shape to hold a charge. Why is this? When your battery is discharging, a little bit of the plates inside the battery disintegrate. At first, this has no negligible effect on the batteries performance. Over time, this effect begins to degrade the capability of the cell. Holding a charge will become increasingly difficult. It also is hard on your alternator when the battery is not charging well.

Your Wayne’s Automotive Center service advisor can help you determine the right vehicle replacement battery for the way you drive around Reno and Sparks, as well as the NV climate and durability needs.

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