Wouldn’t you Only Want the Best Auto Repair Shop for Your Vehicle in Reno Nevada?

Wouldn’t you Only Want the Best Auto Repair Shop for Your Vehicle in Reno Nevada?

Would you just take your vehicle to any automotive shop for repair? Learn why it’s so important to take your vehicle to an automotive shop that employs ASE certified mechanics in Reno Nevada.

According to an article at ase.com,”Automotive Mechanics

“If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be an ASE-certified automotive technician, consider this: in the space of one career, automotive engine technology alone has advanced from purely mechanical devices that need periodic adjustments to sophisticated, computer-controlled systems that can actually compensate for normal wear. The same can be said for virtually every major system on a vehicle, from brakes to transmissions. And the technicians who service and maintain our vehicle fleet have had to learn it all. In fact, to be an ASE-certified automotive technician today is to commit to a lifetime of training just to keep abreast of changing technology.

Modern vehicles are wonders of engineering. In the past ten years, maintenance intervals for things like spark plugs, emission and cooling systems have been stretched out to 100,000 miles. But the need for periodic maintenance hasn’t changed. In fact, given the longer life expectancy of the typical vehicle today, the need for periodic maintenance has never been greater if you expect to get the most from what has become the second biggest investment most individuals will ever make.

To protect your automotive investment, and to get the maximum reliability and safety from the vehicle you depend upon daily, you need to establish and follow a maintenance plan. The best place to start a maintenance program is by reading your owner’s manual. In it you will find the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. This is based on “normal” driving, but very few of us drive “normally.” The roads are typically dusty and strewn with potholes and speed bumps. The manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is the starting point for your vehicle maintenance plan, not the end of it. “

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