Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist

Winter Auto Maintenance Checklist

What are your plans this holiday season? Does it involve a road trip? Here are winter driving trips and auto maintenance checklist before you hit the road.

 pollutionAccording to an article at, “Winter Auto Care”

“Dealing with a dead car battery in the winter isn’t fun.  Cold weather can take a toll on your battery, so make sure you get it checked or changed before temperature drops.  Better safe than sorry.

Antifreeze please!

Check your owner’s manual to make sure your engine coolant (antifreeze) isn’t due for service.  If you’re unsure, take it in for a “flush and fill”.  They aren’t expensive and can be a lifesaver for your engine, especially in extreme temperatures.  If you want to check on your antifreeze levels yourself, you can buy an accurate and easy to use kit for around $5.

Emergency supplies

It may sound silly, but you never know when you might encounter a serious problem in the winter.  Having an emergency kit in your glove box (so it’s easy to access!) could make a huge difference.  Your choice of supplies may depend on how intense your winters are, but things like a flashlight, space blanket, small shovel, and first aid kit are a great start. Supplies like some sand, salt, food/water, and jumper cables are important too.  Accidents happen, so be ready.

Check your tire pressure

Low tire pressure is bad in all seasons (check out our blog post on checking tire pressure), but in the winter it’s especially harmful as it weakens your grip on the snowy and icy roads. Remember that low temperatures alone can reduce tire pressure, so dig up your pressure gauge and make sure your tires are ready to roll.

Break out the penny test

In addition to proper tire pressure, proper tire tread depth is critical in the winter too. Take a penny and stick it in the treads of your tires with the top of Lincoln’s head pointed to the tire.  If the tread doesn’t cover at least part of his head, you’ve got very little tread left and it might be time to getting a new set of tires.  Here’s a guide to measuring tread depth with coins.” To read the entire article click here.

As with any road trip, auto maintenance is the utmost of importance. For more information on our Reno auto repair services contact Wayne’s Automotive Center or visit

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