Why You Shouldn’t Do Auto Repairs Yourself in Reno Nevada

Why You Shouldn’t Do Auto Repairs Yourself in Reno Nevada

Are you looking for ways to save on auto repair cost in Reno Nevada? Did you know that attempting to do auto repairs yourself you just may  have increased the cost of the repair?

According to an article at thecarconnection.com, “Don’t do it Yourself-Auto Repairs and Auto Maintenance

“Do you have trouble assembling IKEA furniture? Or do you sometimes take things apart and then realize you have no idea how to get them back together?

If these questions ring true, they’re signs that you should probably leave your car repair to a qualified pro, advises Brett Bodas, an ASE Master Technician and director of the automotive professional group for RepairPal.

“One of the things that separates great mechanics from weekend-project disaster is knowing exactly what’s involved, and being able to figure out any other problem that happens along the way,” stresses Bodas.

It’s a common issue with do-it-yourself (DIY) auto repair: Just as in assembling that IKEA bedroom set, you might have a rough idea of how to do the job, yet you don’t know all the details along the way—let alone what could go wrong in the process, or what to do if it does.

Only here the consequences can be much more expensive. Bodas has seen cases as simple as a customer who replaced an air filter and accidentally detached a vacuum line, to many who’ve in the course of a brake job broken a sensor or set off a warning light—or those who have managed to foul out during major maintenance like timing-belt replacement. In all of these instances, the piece of the repair job they were missing—in addition to understanding what might go wrong—is the diagnosis and troubleshooting that’s part of a real mechanic’s job.

$50 saved becomes $500 in damage

And there’s a lot of potential for damage in that. “If you drive a ’64 Chevy, then sure, you can save money and do nearly all the repairs yourself,” says Bodas. “But on modern cars it’s more like, maybe you save $50, or maybe you do $500 in damage.”

“In my opinion, owners should not attempt to do the majority of repairs on a modern automobile,” said Michael Calkins, who manages the AAA’s Approved Auto Repair program. “There are just too many things you can damage in today’s cars, and it’s not worth the risk.”

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