Wheel Alignment Problems When Driving Around Reno and Sparks?

Closeup of tire clamped with aligner undergoing auto wheel alignment in garage

Does something seem amiss with your wheel alignment when driving around Reno and Sparks?  When properly aligned, all of your tires point in the same direction. Your vehicle will track correctly and handle the way the manufacturer intended. Reno and Sparks drivers often associate their wheels being “knocked” out of alignment with an event like an accident, hitting a pothole, curb or some other object.

While these can certainly take your wheels out of alignment, the bumps and bounces of everyday driving take their toll on tire alignment as well.

How can Reno and Sparks drivers tell if their car’s alignment is off?

The following are some common indications of wheels with improper alignment:

  • During normal driving around Reno and Sparks, the vehicle is tracking right or left
  • Wear on the tires is not evenly distributed
  • While driving straight, your steering wheel sets left or right
  • Tires that consistently squeal

Do you notice any of these alignment issues when driving around Reno and Sparks? Let’s get your ride pointing in the right direction again. Schedule an Alignment Check with Wayne’s Automotive Center. We are your auto repair experts in Reno and Sparks and can get your wheel alignment done in no time.

If you are a motivated driver, here are some wheel alignment issues you can remedy yourself:

Remove excess items from your trunk. Alignment depends on wheel angles, which directly correlate to the height of your vehicle chassis. If you are driving around Reno and Sparks and have too much weight in the back, it will lower your vehicle height and misalign your tires. An easy fix is removing everything that isn’t essential from the trunk. You should always check the air pressure in your tires as this can also cause uneven tire wear. Finally, careful driving in Reno and Sparks can help reduce the strain on the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.

Most owner’s manuals suggest a wheel alignment check every year or two.  When your wheels are out of alignment, Wayne’s Automotive Center can tune your wheel alignment to the vehicle manufacturer’s factory settings.

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