What Type of Motor Oil Does Your Vehicle Take?

Is it time for an oil change? Do you know which kind of motor oil is best for your vehicle? Here are tips on how to choose the right motor oil for your vehicle.

According to an article at blog.allstate.com, “Choosing the Best Motor Oil for Your Vehicle”

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Looking for quality seals and finding the right viscosity for your vehicle and climate are just a small part of oil selection. There are several different motor oil types and one may be better than the others for your vehicle. You may want to consider the merits of various oils and how you use your vehicle before deciding which type of oil to purchase:

  • Conventional: CarCare.org explains conventional oil is organic and may have imperfections in its chemical makeup. It generally works well on new vehicles, according to Popular Mechanics, but may not give you the best performance on older or high-tech engines. CareCare.org also notes this type of oil needs to be changed more frequently than other options.
  • Synthetic: Popular Mechanics says synthetic oil is designed for high-tech engines and may not be necessary for every vehicle. Edmunds says it’s more expensive than conventional oils, but requires changing less often and is good for those who subject their car to extreme conditions.
  • Synthetic Blend: Synthetic blend oils are a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils, according to CarCare.org. They can offer more engine protection for heavy loads and high temperatures without the high price tag of synthetic oils, says Popular Mechanics, and are often used in pickup trucks and SUVs.
  • High-Mileage: According to Edmunds, high-mileage oil has seal conditioners, which reduce leaks often found in older vehicles. Popular Mechanics also notes higher-mileage oils have greater viscosities, resulting in better sealing between parts and reduced loss of oil.” To read the entire article click here.

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