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The coolant system is a vital part of your vehicle. Coolant system failures are also the second most common cause of vehicle failures. Even though coolant system failure is fairly common in Reno, it is easy to prevent.

The most recognizable part of the coolant system is the radiator. It is connected to the engine with hoses and is filled with coolant. The coolant draws heat off the engine and then passes into the radiator. Air passes through cooling fins to reduce the temperature of the coolant and then it’s back to the engine again.

Front view of a car radiator.There are several ways for the cooling system to fail. Most common is the coolant itself. Coolant is comprised of water and antifreeze. The proper ratio of the two keeps the coolant from either boiling away or freezing. Understandably, either can lead to massive engine damage.

Another coolant issue which is often overlooked by Reno drivers is the age of the coolant itself. Antifreeze has additives which protect the coolant system from corrosion. Over time, as these additives are depleted, they lose their ability to protect the radiator and other parts from rust, scaling, and corrosion. That old container of coolant gathering dust in your garage may still keep your engine cool, but it won’t protect it from corrosion.

If you get a warning message to check the coolant or if the vehicle temperature gauge is in the hot zone, your cooling system needs to be checked. It’s OK to add water or antifreeze yourself. But you need to be cautious. Remember four things:

  • First, you never want to open the radiator pressure cap. You could be severely burned.
  • Second, get to Wayne’s Automotive Center in Sparks immediately if your coolant is low. If that is not possible, follow the directions in your vehicle owners manual – it will direct you to only make additions to the coolant overflow bottle.
  • Third, remember you need a proper mixture of water and antifreeze. If you make an emergency addition to your cooling system, follow-up with your Wayne’s Automotive Center service center where we can make necessary adjustments.
  • Fourth, not all cars use the same type of antifreeze. You need to check your vehicle owners manual to make sure you use the right kind. Mixing antifreeze types or using the wrong kind of antifreeze may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your cooling system. Again, another reason to depend on your Wayne’s Automotive Center service center in Reno to do things right.

Remember, Wayne’s Automotive Center has the equipment to change your coolant quickly and inexpensively.

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