Taking Care of Your Car is Like Taking Care of Your Teeth!

When describing how to reduce the cost of car ownership to my clients I often use the analogy that taking care of your car is like taking care of your teeth.  Most of us realize that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, floss between teeth once a day, and see the dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning and a checkup.  These are basic maintenance items that are necessary to reduce the possibility of getting cavities, sore gums, and other “breakdowns” that occur if you neglect tooth maintenance.  The check up also lets the dentist catch any problems early so you can avoid a bigger more expensive problem, such as loosing a tooth.


Like your teeth your car needs basic maintenance and periodic check ups to reduce the possibility of mechanical breakdowns and avoid bigger more expensive auto repair problems later.  Every car comes with an owner’s manual that tells you what maintenance should be performed to keep your car running safely and efficiently.  The cornerstone of good maintenance is the oil change.  Make sure to get your oil changed at intervals recommended by the car maker, unless you are using synthetic oil which provides engine protection for an extended drain interval.  When you get an oil change at Wayne’s Automotive Center we check all your vital fluid levels and inspect the filter, hoses, and belts to make sure they are in good shape.  Your auto repair shop should do the same.

Other fluids in your car also need to be changed, but usually at an interval of 30,000 – 50,000 miles.  At this time a more thorough vehicle inspection (exhaust, brakes, shocks, cooling system, etc.) is performed by an automotive technician.  Check your owner’s manual for specifics.  At 90,000-105,000 miles will be your major tune up and, if necessary, timing belt change.  Finally, make sure to rotate your tires every 5000 – 7500 miles to maximize their life.

Performing maintenance according to the manufacturers schedule will increase the life of your car, reduce costs associated with repairs because fewer repairs will be needed, reduce the possibility of needing towing services, and provide you with more peace of mind while driving.  If your tooth begins to hurt, or your car begins to make unusual noises or has warning lights come on, it will probably be much less expensive to have the problem addressed immediately.  Usually if you put off addressing a tooth or car problem it just gets worse and more costly to fix.  Remember, replacing a neglected car (or tooth) can be very expensive and painful!

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