Spring Auto Maintenance Tips in Reno Nevada

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips in Reno Nevada

It’s that time again, as season’s change this is the best time to catch-up on maintaining your vehicle properly. Do you know what spring auto maintenance you should have done by a professional auto repair shop in Reno Nevada?

According to an article at voices.yahoo.com, “Auto Maintenance you Should Have Done in Spring”

“Winter is without a doubt the hardest season of the year on your car or truck. If you are like me you try to take care of all the routine maintenance before the cold weather hits and hope it all holds together until Spring arrives.

Well, Spring is here and there are a number of things the shade tree mechanic will want to be doing the very instant the snows clear away. Maintenance on the old jalopy. It needs it very badly by now. For the last three to four months your car hasn’t had an oil change or a chassis lubrication or a number of other things that badly need doing. In this article we will look at some of the things that need routine maintenance.

First, that oil in the oil pan. By now it is ready for a change. For several long months now it has endured the very worst treatment an oil can receive at the hands of bad weather. The oil we put into our cars really isn’t even oil you know. It is a combination of refined oil, plasticizers, detergents and other additives that give it the capability to lubricate, clean and protect our engines. Oil has several duties most people may not be aware of. It is first and foremost a lubricant and without it your engine would soon turn into a very expensive piece of scrap metal.

But in addition to lubrication, engine oil is also a cleanser. Each time a cylinder fires there is some of the exhaust gas and even raw fuel that gets past the piston rings and into the crank case. This “blow-by” as it is called is mostly pulled out of the engine and re-burned via the vacuum action of the p.c.v. or positive crankcase ventilation system. But not all of this blow-by gets pulled out and now you have partially burned fuel, carbon waste and even a small amount of raw fuel contaminating your precious engine oil. It is the job of the oil to sequester this mess and suspend it so that it does not get sucked into the oil pump and spread through out the rest of the engine. Because this stuff is the beginning stages of sludge. And sludge will block oil passages, trap more contaminants and will lead to overheating and poor performance.

Oil also helps cool your engine. Friction builds heat and the lubrication of an engine with clean oil will greatly extend its life. And as stated previously winter is the very hardest season there is for wear and tear on your vehicle. Unless you start your engine and drive several hundred miles weekly, then your engine oil is receiving what is called severe duty. Starting the engine and driving a dozen miles to work and then back home is severe duty. The oil never really has a chance to get up to operating temperature for long enough to boil off any raw fuel or circulate enough times through the oil filter to trap contaminants.”

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