Sparks Auto Care Tip: Tire Rotation And Wheel Balancing

Reno and Sparks drivers don’t want to change tires like they change socks! They want their tires to endure as long as possible. Two ways to increase tire longevity are tire rotation and wheel balancing.

An indication that wheels are out of balance is when you experience wobble or vibration. Conditions like these make the tread wear in a cupping pattern. You might be asking, what is a cupping pattern? Cupping looks like someone took you tire and scooped out a section of the rubber in succession around the tire. Cupping could be on the edge of the rubber or in the middle.

Car Tire Being Balanced

Wheel balancing close up photo

Do you know how to tell if the front or back tire is out of balance? We will give you a little tip. If you feel the vibration in your steering wheel, then you have a front tire that is out of balance. If you feel a vibration in the cushion of your seat when cruising along, then you are getting that vibration from an unbalanced rear tire. To fix this, your technician at Wayne’s Automotive Center puts weights on your wheels to balance them out.

Now, let’s discuss tire rotation. It’s a known fact that the front tires on a vehicle wear out quicker than the back tires. As your front tires push through regular turns, it’s wearing down the tire on the shoulders. So when you put the fronts on the back and the back on the fronts, it allows them to wear evenly over the life of the tire.

Are your tires properly inflated? You should consult the owners manual on the recommended tire pressure. If you underinflate your tires, then they will wear the shoulder out more quickly. Underinflated tires can also overheat. If your tires show signs of wear in the middle, then they are probably overinflated. Proper tire inflation helps your tires last a lot longer when driving around Reno and Sparks.

Four-wheel-drive trucks and SUV’s tend to wear their tires more unevenly, so rotation is even more critical with them. Give Wayne’s Automotive Center a call to get our recommendation for your vehicle.

Ask your service advisor at Wayne’s Automotive Center for your recommended tire rotation schedule. It’s normally every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or 8,000 to 13,000 km.

Don’t forget your tires as they are among the most critical safety components on your vehicle. They will take care of you if you take care of them.

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