Sparks Auto Care Tip: New Cars Still Need Maintenance


Here is your weekly Sparks auto care tip. Sometimes we hear people in Reno and Sparks say, “What’s up with all this maintenance stuff because modern automobiles are more reliable.” While it is true that vehicles today are exceptionally well made, they are also becoming more complicated and use a lot of exotic materials. Modern technology demands extra particular parts and fluids. For example, most Reno and Sparks drivers are unaware of the research that is present in today’s high tech automotive fluids. These solutions consist of transmission fluid, engine oil, coolant and brake fluid.

Today’s Automotive Fluids Are Special

Did you know that a modern motor would not run for more than a few months if it used motor oil from 30 years ago? Today’s automotive fluids contain a much higher portion t of additives to guard your vehicle’s components from early damage and corrosion. Time and distances move on for all of our cars. Please don’t assume we’re using scare tactics to get you to take care of your maintenance – but here are some individual stories we’ve heard to impress and convince how crucial it is to get maintenance done on time. Like usual, names are withheld to avoid discomfort to individuals that have been affected.

Case One: The Leaky Radiator Pan

The first arises from someone who purchased a used pick-up truck for his boy. The oil was clear, and all the fluids were topped off. A short bit later, the car overheated on a highway in NV and the engine shut down. The repair workshop diagnosed the issue: the radiator pan was eroded and dumped the coolant. Even though the coolant level was accurate, it was clear that the coolant was never entirely replaced – just topped off occasionally. While this kept the engine temperature down, it destroyed the anti-corrosion additives; the coolant grew acidic and ate a hole in the radiator pan. The cost: hundreds of dollars and four days in the shop. The damage demonstrates the need to get your coolant exchanged on schedule.

Case Two: Warped Rotors

Another story involves the real cost of skipping an annual inspection. This guy took his SUV in for the NV safety inspection to renew his registration. At the Reno and Sparks inspection station, he learned that the law had changed and that his newer rig only required an inspection every two years. He was happy to save the money. The difficulty is that his rear brake pads were terribly deteriorated and so thin, he could hear the grind over the music player and the children. So, when he took it in what was the bad news? Warping was present on both of the rear brake rotors. Resurfacing was only possible on the left rotor, but the right was beyond repair and had to be replaced. So saving a little on his safety inspection turned into an extra $500 over what brake pad replacement would have been.

The moral of the story for drivers in Reno and Sparks: don’t skip your yearly inspections. The paradox is that many service centers would have done a brake examination for no cost.

Case Three: A Teenage Daughter And A Curb

Daddy’s little girl smacked a curb, popping the front tire while entering a shopping center. Instead of getting an alignment the father chose to do nothing after fixing the tire. The collision was hard enough to ruin the tire – and consequently, it was also sufficient to destroy the alignment. But instead of an adjustment after fixing the first tire, Daddy ended up buying a second tire a few months later and an alignment.

Case Four: Check Your Maintenance Manual

Situation: man and wife with cars from the same vehicle maker with virtually the same motor. Our staffer checked the man’s maintenance schedule and saw that it needed a timing belt replacement at 90,000 miles/145,000 km. He had it done – it cost two hundred dollars. His wife’s car had about 60,000 miles/97,000 km, so it should be ok for a while. Right? Wrong. The issue was that the wife had the turbocharged model. Its belt replacement schedule was 60,000 mi/97,000 the valves all dropped down into the cylinders at high speed, destroying the head and making replacement a necessity. What was the monetary damage: two thousand bucks. Does he wish he had examined the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule? Absolutely – every time he passes a big-screen TV.

Wayne’s Auto Center Can Help You With Your Sparks Auto Care Needs

The team at Wayne’s Automotive Center in Reno and Sparks suggests taking care of little maintenance tasks before they become significant issues. Plus, it is more cost-effective to operate in NV. Remember to save those maintenance documents. It’ll show possible buyers that you’ve taken care of your car and it will help you get a higher price. When purchasing a used car make sure to check the records. If there are no records, you have to assume that the previous owner wasn’t providing adequate maintenance. You need to take it to Wayne’s Automotive Center in Reno and Sparks for an inspection.

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