Sparks Auto Care – Battery Tips To Keep You Running This Summer

It’s essential for Reno and Sparks drivers to know battery basics.  Today, Wayne’s Automotive Center will bring you a Reno and Sparks auto care tip that could save you needless frustration. So, let’s talk about which is harder on a battery – hot or cold NV weather. Most drivers think that cold weather damages a battery since it has a hard time cranking the engine on those cold days. But it’s the opposite. Extreme heat does more damage to a battery than cold.

Red Car Battery In A Group Of Batteries

How does heat affect a battery?

Heat can evaporate the liquid inside a batter and thus damage its internal components. Extreme weather may contribute to the number of sulfates present in a battery. Parking a vehicle in a cool location like a garage or shaded area may help, but it’s not always possible. Testing has brought about some impressive numbers concerning temperature, and it affects on a car battery. For every 15 degrees of temperature rise above the average ambient temperature, a cell loses up to half it’s average lifespan. So a battery that usually would last ten years at 77 degrees may only last 4-5 at 92 degrees.

Why Does My Battery Loose Its Charge?

Right out of the gate a car battery is slowing losing charge. Charging is a slow process, which is hard to accomplish with short trips because the alternator doesn’t have time to recharge the depletion caused by starting the engine. To ensure the battery is getting a full charge and staying healthy you can completely charge the battery using an electronic battery charger. A suitable frequency for this activity is roughly once a month during the summer and only once every three months during the winter season.

A Bad Voltage Regulator Can Lead To Early Battery Failure!

Another common issue resulting in higher than normal battery failure is due to faulty voltage regulators. If the battery is continually getting too high of a charge, it can lead to premature failure. Overcharging a battery can be just as bad as undercharging. The specialists at Wayne’s Automotive Center are always willing to check your battery systems to ensure proper function.

Statistically, 70% of batteries fail within four years. When a battery reaches the end of its life, it can’t take a full charge as it used to, causing the alternator to work extra hard to try and keep up. All the extra effort of your alternator may cause it wear out before it’s average life expectancy.

If you haven’t had your battery checked within 3-4 years, you may want to visit the friendly professionals at Waynes Automotive Center. Their service assistants can check a battery to see if it may need replacement. It is better to replace the vehicle battery before you find yourself stranded on a lonely Nevada road. A properly functioning battery will also ensure that you are not prematurely wearing out other systems that assist your battery, like the alternator. A vehicle’s battery is just one component of a complete system designed to make sure you can reliably reach your final destination.

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