Quality Car Repairs in Reno Nevada

Quality Car Repairs in Reno Nevada

When you’re having problems with your vehicle do you know what you should tell your mechanic? Not sure what to say when your reach the auto repair shop in Reno Nevada; here are some tips on what to keep an eye on then report back to your auto mechanic.

According to an article at  cannonautorepair.com, “Auto Repairs

“When your vehicle won’t start, how do you know what could be the possible cause of the actual problem? Does your mechanic try to fix it on the basis of trial and error and charge you for things that really didn’t need fixing? In order to receive the appropriate auto repair, it must be diagnosed correctly. This will get you going in the right direction for the appropriate auto repairs, thereby eliminating the extra costs of repairs for issues that were not the real problem.

These 2 easy tips will help your mechanic know where to look:

1.  Take time to observe what you see, hear, and feel what’s happening with your vehicle.

2.  Make notes (it just takes a few minutes) so that you can relay the symptoms to your auto mechanic in concise and descriptive terms.

Following these 2 simple tips will get you the appropriate auto repairs that are necessary, saving you time, money, and frustration.

So that you know what to watch for, we’ve listed a few of the common problem areas of basic auto repair that you will want to pay special attention to:

  • brakes (pads, drums, rotors)
  • no-starts (battery, starter, fuel filter, etc)
  • suspension (shocks, axles, alignment, balancing)
  • strange noises (“rattles, ticks, grind, and crunches”)
  • warning lights (check engine light flickers, or stays on)
  • transmission (engine repairs)
  • muffler and exhaust system
  • A/C system/heating unit
  • electrical system (spark plugs, combustion)”

For quality car repair in Reno Nevada Wayne’s Auto Center is the place to go; for more information visit WaynesAutoCenter.com.

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