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Proper Tire Pressure

If you drive anywhere in Reno and Sparks, you eventually are going to experience a flat tire. A flat tire can happen while cruising down the road or slowly over time. Nothing is more concerning than the low-pressure tire indicator. Whenever it happens, it’s never at a convenient time. At Wayne’s Automotive Center we want to ensure you have the right perspective when it comes to your tires. Tires that are properly maintained and taken care of can save you money in the long run.

The Correct Tire Pressure Can Save Money At The Pump

Properly inflating tires will also help to keep money at the gas at the pump. Treadwear is also a consideration as properly maintained tire pressure will help tread to wear evenly, giving you more life from your tires. Getting the maximum life and value out of your tires is essential especially as we approach the Holidays. But more importantly, is the safety factor that comes along with properly functioning tires.

Tire Pressure Affects Tire Life

Here is something that most people don’t consider or know. Underinflated tires can put excess pressure and stress on the structure of your Technician Repairing A Tire In Reno And Sparkstires. Why is that a concern? Stress will cause the tire to break down prematurely. Excess heat is also a result of underinflated tires, further reducing the life expectancy. It’s better to fix a slow leak than delay fixing it. The technician’s at Wayne’s can help you diagnose and fix those small leaks.

Wayne’s Automotive Center Can Fix Your Tire Pressure Issue

When you are facing a tough tire issue, rely on the experts at Wayne’s Automotive Center. The staff at Wayne’s are trained in proper tire care and maintenance and can help you get back on the road quickly. Don’t trust your long-term safety to quick fix tire repair kits. These are good in an emergency to get you to a qualified repair shop but don’t rely on them as a permanent solution.

Financing Available

Cars are complicated; financing shouldn’t be. Besides honoring all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash Wayne’s Automotive also offers a simple path to funding through Synchrony Bank. Applications are available.

Napa Warranty

Wayne’s Automotive Center is a NAPA AutoCare center. As a gold certified shop, all qualifying repair or service work comes with a FREE 3 year/36,000 mile “peace of mind” nationwide warranty through Napa AutoCare.

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