Possible Reasons for Engine Failure

Possible Reasons for Engine Failure

Are you having problems with you vehicles engine? One minute it starts the next it’s off. Learn about what may be the problem, but always consult with your auto repair shop for proper repair of your vehicle.

auto 3According to an article at autos.yahoo.com, “When Your Vehicle Starts then Quickly Shuts off”

“It sounds like the classic symptom of an exhaust blockage, probably due to a clogged catalytic converter. The converter can overheat and be damaged if excessive amounts of unburned fuel enter the exhaust system. This can happen if the engine has one or more fouled spark plugs or leaky exhaust valves. When this unburned fuel hits the converter, it sends temperatures soaring. The ceramic substrate or pellets that support the catalyst can melt and partially or completely block the flow of exhaust through the converter.

If a complete blockage occurs, the engine will start normally but the exhaust has no place to go. Back pressure quickly builds up and within a couple of minutes the engine quits running. Eventually, the pressure will seep out and allow the engine to restart after it has sit for some time. But the blockage will prevent it from running for long.” To read the entire article click here.

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