Oil Change In Reno and Sparks – What You Need To Know!


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When you get an oil change in Reno, you are always going to be better off using the oil weight and type the manufacturer recommends. At times, we are asked to choose between two different types of oil, synthetic or conventional. To help make that choice we look at the retail price, which is normal, and then lean toward the lesser priced option. But did you know that the more expensive oil might be the right choice based on the long-term health of your vehicle? Not only that, but the more expensive oil might save Reno and Sparks drivers money down the road!

Types of Reno Oil Changes Available

So let’s talk about conventional oil for a moment. Conventional oil comes from petroleum. When you break down the molecular structure of petroleum, you see a long-form hydrocarbon chain. It’s ok if you don’t completely understand what that means, stick with us. Synthetic oil can be petroleum-based, just a more refined version, or entirely artificial or human-made. Either way, synthetic oil’s molecules are more uniform and provide advantages over conventional motor oil.

Better Temperature Control

Why might you ask? Well, synthetic oil’s more uniform structure makes it more slippery than conventional crude. Higher lubrication potential means that parts that depend on wear protection last longer. Friction causes temperatures to rise, which can break down engine components. Better lubrication means cooler temperatures which are a benefit of synthetic oil over conventional oil. Also, synthetic oil handles high temperatures better, preventing it from evaporating as quickly. You get added protection with all the stop and go driving patterns so prevalent in Reno and Sparks. Overall, you get better protection in extreme Northern Nevada climate.

Prevent Oil Sludge

Synthetic oil’s properties allow it to avoid the usual oil sludge that traditional oil can produce. Oil sludge can block small engine passageways, which can significantly decrease the working life of an engine.

Heed You Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Nowadays, most manufacturers are aware of the increased benefits of synthetic oil over conventional oil. Those benefits are why they are delivering cars off the lot filled with synthetic oil. Often, the only recommendation in your owner’s manual is to use synthetic oil. Even though it may cost more for synthetic oil, it doesn’t break down as quickly, and you will have to change it less often. Less frequent oil changes can save you dinero in the long run. You may have noticed that your vehicles recommended change interval for oil is longer than the average 3,000 miles. The length of these intervals is because of the superior properties of the synthetic oil. Warning: don’t switch to conventional oil to save money, and then try to follow a synthetic oil schedule. You will only end up damaging your engine and pay more out of your wallet for costly repairs.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Reno Can Have Benefits

Switching from conventional oil to synthetic oil can have clear benefits. You may be able to stretch out the time between oil changes. The professional’s at Wayne’s Automotive Center want to help you determine what is best for your situation. The can offer great advice about the proper types of oil for your driving habits.

At Wayne’s Automotive Center, oil changes are a crucial piece of extending the life of your vehicle. We know how important a reliable car or truck is to most Reno and Sparks drivers. Wayne’s is committed to helping you stay on the road and save money while doing so. So, it’s ok to be a savvy shopper, but don’t underestimate the value in spending a little more money on a synthetic oil change in Reno.

Financing Available

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