Need a Professional Mechanic to Inspect Your Vehicle in Reno

So, your running late to work and all of a sudden your car won’t start what a headache. We can all relate to this situation I’m sure. When your in a tough spot and you need auto repair work done make sure that your mechanic is well qualified for the job.

According to an article at, “Common Car Problems”

“As I have said before, check your owner’s manual to see what maintenance is needed on your vehicle before it needs repairs. Maintenance is much cheaper than repairs. By not taking care of your vehicle and ignoring warning signs such as pulling or drifting, noises or mysterious problems that seem to fix themselves will result in a costly repair and leave you stuck. There are three main types of problems you will run into.

Starting Problems. Most starting problems are a result of a battery in poor condition. Most of the time these problems are solved with a jump-start or battery charge. If neither of these cures gets the car started, you will need a mechanic to look at it to determine the problem.

Moving Problems. These are problems such as hesitation, loss of power or idle problems. An experienced mechanic is the best person to handle these problems. Overheating could be due to low coolant level or vehicle overloading.

Turning on the A/C could help lower the temperature as well as turning the heater on high speed and full hot. In these cases you should check and top off the coolant or lighten the load and, if you are towing a trailer, dropping the trailer off. If this doesn’t help, you will need a mechanic.

A professional mechanic should always inspect transmission problems for repair or adjustment. If you can still drive the vehicle, drive slowly and carefully to the nearest repair shop. If it won’t move at all, call a tow truck.

Stopping Problems. If the brakes grab, squeal, drag or don’t hold, they should be checked and repaired at a repair shop. If the problem is due to bad or worn out tires, they should be replaced before damage to other, more expensive parts of the car, can occur.”

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