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Hello, Reno and Sparks drivers!  Are you ready for today’s Sparks auto care tip?  Today we are going to compare synthetic motor oil vs. petroleum-based motor oil. Synthetic motor oil is a substitute for petroleum-based oil. If you aren’t currently using it, why not? You can gain better engine power and fuel economy by using synthetic engine oil. The reasons for this are abundantly evident when looking at synthetic motor oil under a microscope but, we don’t have this luxury, so we are going to have to use our minds. If you were to examine the molecules of conventional motor oil, you would see long hydrocarbon chains. Synthetic motor oil, in contrast, has the uniform, spherical particles.

Which is slipperier, a pile of pencils or a pile of marbles?

Synthetic motor oil lubricates better because there’s less resistance which results in myriad benefits: better wear protection, cooler operating temperatures, more power and better fuel economy. And synthetic oil doesn’t sludge up like conventional oil, so it prevents those small oil passages from clogging up. (We see that too often at Wayne’s Automotive Center in Reno and Sparks.)Synthetic Oil Pouring

Some manufacturers are extending oil change intervals for many models. The added protection of synthetic oil covers you for these longer intervals. Talk with your Waynes Automotive Center service advisor about your daily driving and see if they think you can profit from synthetic oil for your vehicle. Also ask about the appropriate oil change interval for synthetic, because it may very well be longer than for conventional oil.

Life can be crazy and busy and occasionally miss an oil change; go ahead, admit it. Since we’re not perfect, doesn’t it make sense to use motor oil that’s got your back?

What about price? Petroleum-based oil may appear to win out on this point, but let’s consider all the facts. Although synthetic oil costs more, it lasts longer, protects your vehicle engine better and increases fuel economy. In the long run, synthetic can save you money. If you’re serious about making your vehicle last longer, consider using synthetic motor oil.

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