How to Extend the Life of Your New Vehicle

How to Extend the Life of Your New Vehicle

Did you recently purchase a new vehicle? To keep your investment in tip-top-shape, here are auto tips on how to prolong the life of your vehicle.

auto care 2According to an article at, “The Importance of Auto Service Maintenance”

First, have the salesman explain all the vehicle’s features and controls when you take delivery since some vehicles have complicated features. Read the manufacturers recommendations for the “break-in” period before driving off the lot. Drive gently during the first 500 miles or so and vary your speed so the engine and transmission have a chance to break in properly, save “warp speed” for later. Don’t delay that first oil change & service during break in, it is often free and it eliminates the bits of grit and metal present in new engines and certain adjustments are often made to get everything off to a good start.

Vehicle Maintenance – “Pay a little now and save a lot later”. Read and follow the manufacturer maintenance schedule (in your Owner’s Manual) for your vehicle and remember many vehicles in Southern California fall into the “severe service” category. Keep a maintenance folder for your vehicle with all its records and free or reduced price service offers. Oil and filter changes are important to keep everything running smoothly and can extend the life of your engine. Use the recommended grade of oil for long life and fuel economy. The periodic services listed in the Owner’s Manual include the service, adjustment or replacement of parts, fluids and other filters in the engine, transmission, electrical system, brakes, and cooling system.

Vehicle owner checks and recommendation; at least once a month check all of your fluid levels and especially your tire pressures. Keeping your tires properly aligned, inflated and rotated will lead to extended tire life and improve your safety. Under inflated tires run hot which can affect handling, lead to tire failure, and cost you fuel economy. Every few weeks throughout the year run both your heater and air conditioner (for a short time at least) to keep the seals lubricated and everything working freely.” To read the entire article click here.

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