How Routine Oil Changes Saves You Money

Have you ever thought an oil change is a waste of money? Learn how the best way to avoid car trouble is to maintain regular auto maintenance service as needed and an oil change should never be ignored.

According to an article at, “Time for an Oil Change”

7627548_sRegular Oil Changes Can Save You Money

Although mechanics have long lectured drivers on the importance of changing their oil, drivers often fail to understand the full benefits of regular oil changes. Many see oil changes as a waste of money when in fact they are among the best investments you can make in a car.

Benefits of regular oil changes

Enhanced Fuel Economy

Oil provides valuable lubrication to the engine, allowing it to function as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you fail to change the oil, friction will build up, causing resistance while you drive. The longer this goes on, the lower your car’s fuel mileage will be, forcing you to fill up more often and spend more on gas. An investment in regular oil changes will thus more than pay off through lower fuel bills and less time spent at the gas station.

Powertrain Preservation

Fuel economy isn’t the only thing that suffers when friction builds up in your engine. The more resistance that there is between your engine and other parts of the powertrain, the more quickly the parts wear down. Poor lubrication causes parts to:

  • Grind Together– Without proper lubrication, parts will wear each other down.
  • Fuse Together– Without oil to separate them, parts can melt and become stuck together.
  • Accumulate Debris– Old oil accumulates dust and dirt, which damage the engine upon contact.

These damages can cause your engine to break down, often without much warning, forcing you to replace the powertrain or buy a new car entirely. Either option is orders of magnitude more expensive than a few oil changes.” To read the entire article click here.

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