Helpful Money Saving Tips for Women and Auto Repairs in Reno Nevada

Helpful Money Saving Tips for Women and Auto Repairs in Reno Nevada

Many women may feel awkward when stepping into an auto repair shop in Reno Nevada. One of the reasons may be that they feel they don’t have a lot or enough knowledge when it comes to auto repairs. Here are a few helpful money saving tips for women when it comes to auto repairs.

According to an article at, “Women and Auto Repair Tips”

“A mom of three, she works with the Girl Scouts and runs workshops and an instructional website, Women Auto Know. “Its always easier to be ripped off when you are uneducated,” she warns. “With education comes confidence. You won’t be messed with as easily.”

Here are her top money-saving tips:

1. Changing your coolant on time can save you at least a thousand dollars in repairs over the course of your car’s lifetime. It helps keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you ignore the coolant, your engine can overheat. Fordin says it’s worth the couple hundreds of dollars it will cost to drain the entire system of coolant every few years before replacing it with new fluid. Consult your manual to see the exact timing for your car.

2. Maintaining the correct tire pressure has a “massive chain effect,” Fordin says, on the health of your car. The car body will be under less stress, you’ll use less gas, and your tires will last two to three times longer. She recommends checking the tire pressure with a gauge (“kicking them doesn’t work”) every time there is a temperature change of more than ten degrees.

3. If it’s just regular maintenance or a minor repair, go to your garage when you have time. Don’t ask your mechanic to hurry or tell them you have no time to wait. “If they rush, they may make mistakes and you’ll pay for it.”

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