Get Your 4WD Serviced Before Winter Officially Hits

Reno and Sparks drivers can get their 4WD serviced at Wayne's Automotive Center.Winter is just around the corner, so it’s time for Reno and Sparks drivers to check their four-wheel drive (4WD).  If you have a 4WD vehicle it likely needs extra service for the 4WD anyways. The same goes for vehicles with all-wheel drive.

Why You Need Your 4WD Serviced

The change from fall to winter heralds the coming of snow and ice covered roads. 4WD drive gives you that extra traction when Reno and Sparks roads are slick with snow or ice. Having your 4WD slip back into two-wheel drive or refuse to engage at all is the last thing you want. If you don’t use your 4WD much during the rest of the year certain parts will definitely need service.

What Gets Serviced When Your 4WD is Serviced

Mostly 4WD service inspects and/or replaces certain fluids. Differential fluid is at the top of that list as vehicles with 4WD have three differentials. The first two differentials are the expected front and rear differentials while the third compensates for differences between the two. This is also a good time to catch any differential problems before they become an issue.

Next is the transfer case which distributes power between the front and rear axles. Regular transfer case fluid changes prevent excessive wear. A transfer case which appears overfilled means the transmission has a bad seal and is leaking into the transfer case. 4WD service will catch the issue before it becomes a serious problem. The transfer case has an exposed electric motor mounted to its exterior. This motor is what shifts through the 4WD gears. If the contacts on motor’s electrical connector become corroded it can prevent the motor from shifting. Coating the contacts with dielectric grease at least once a year prevents corrosion.

Make sure your 4WD drive is ready for the Reno and Sparks winter weather. The friendly pros at Wayne’s Automotive Center in Sparks ensure you’re not without 4WD when the next big storm hits.

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