With the cost of gas heading higher it is a good time to review tips for making your gas last longer by getting more miles per gallon.  Most of us can increase our miles per gallon and save money by following the recommendations below.  These tips should help no matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you are driving.  How many of these recommendations do you follow?

  1. Check Tire Pressure Monthly:  A tire will typically lose 1 psi of pressure per month.  Under inflated tires require more energy to turn thereby decreasing fuel mileage. 
  2. Change Oil Regularly: A well lubricated engine is essential for getting good gas mileage and will increase the life of the engine.
  3. Choose Top Tier Gasolines:  Car manufacturers recommend top tier gasoline.  Off brands typically have higher ethanol content that decreases mileage and may damage your fuel system.
  4. Drive Steadily:  Accelerating quickly will use more fuel.  Braking and accelerating frequently uses more fuel and wears out your brakes more quickly.  If you are approaching a light and you see it turning red, let your car coast instead of keeping your foot on the gas.  This will reduce the amount of braking needed to stop the car and use less fuel.
  5. Keep Windows Closed at Highway Speeds:  Open windows cause air drag that reduces you mileage. 
  6. Clean Air Filter:  Replace dirty air filters so the engine will run more efficiently.  This is especially important for older vehicles.
  7. BG Fuel Saver:  This product is used by the Nevada State Highway patrol and should increase gas mileage by approximately 2-3 mpg.  There is a gas additive to clean the fuel system and an oil additive that minimizes friction losses in the engine.


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