Don’t Put off Auto Maintenance It Could be Costly?

Have you heard the latest auto news that many car owners make when it comes to auto maintenance? In case you’re not sure, here is a list of auto maintenance that you shouldn’t ignore.

According to an article at, “Common Mistakes Car Owners Make”

36299238_s“The mistakes are mostly basic things that we trust the savvy readers of should never have to worry about. But just in case, here they are, in order:

1. Putting off scheduled maintenance
This is self-explanatory. If you put off your maintenance, old antifreeze could be rotting in your system, metal flakes could be floating around in your oil and your brake lines could be one panic stop away from bursting. Check your service manual for scheduled maintenance, paying special attention to the cycle and climate you’re driving in. Some cars require more maintenance when driven in a severe manner or in extremely hot or cold weather.

2. Ignoring the check-engine light
This one is also a bit obvious, but it does pay to get that annoying light diagnosed. Many local parts stores will check it for free, and often that bit of diagnostic plus the car’s repair manual allow fixes to be made in the driveway.

3. Not changing oil
Again, this is deadly for any engine. It probably should be listed first.

4. Not checking tire pressure
This is a warning that’s not heeded nearly often enough. Besides the chance of a blowout, underinflated tires take longer to bring the car to a stop, perform worse in emergency situations and waste more fuel than properly inflated rollers. Check them once per month, or more often if the temperature changes quickly.

5. Neglecting coolant, brake, transmission and other fluid services
We can’t say it enough: stick to the recommended service intervals.

6. Continuing to drive when the vehicle is overheating
Another no-brainer. The warning lights on the dash have been renamed “idiot” lights because people forget to look at their gauges periodically. If any lights come on — besides “go baby, go” — hit the shoulder and check things out.

7. Not changing fuel and air filters
This is another cheap preventative move that can save you lots in the long run.

8. Having unqualified shops service your vehicle
This one is debatable. The best place to have your car serviced is at the dealership, but it’s also the most expensive. Some editors have had no problems at the corner shop; others have had terrible experiences with dealers. It needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis.” To read the entire article click here.

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