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For those of you in Reno and Sparks, NV who are up to date on the latest advances in automotive technology, you probably know about the new direct injection engines and would like to understanding of how they work. These advanced engines can deliver V8 power in a V6 engine footprint.

How Direct Fuel Injectors Deliver More Power

Normally, the V6 engine in one family of engines produces about 250 horsepower. The same engine but with direct injection technology creates over 300 horsepower with similar fuel economy. If you add a turbocharger, you are now talking about 350 HP!

So how is this possible and what makes the difference? picture of a direct fuel injection system

The main difference lies in the fuel injection system. Standard systems consist of a method called port injection. Port injection sprays fuel into a chamber just outside the engine cylinder. As the crankshaft moves the piston down, fuel is drawn into the piston from the outside chamber, mixing with air.

In contrast, the direct injection method squirts fuel directly into the cylinders of the engine. When you approach injection this way, you gain an increase in power and economy. The increase is due to burning fuel more efficiently.

Direct Fuel Injection Electronics

With direct injection, the injectors spray fuel into the chamber at many times, hundreds, as a matter of fact, more times pressure than standard injection systems. High pressure cause the fuel to be atomized better resulting in a stronger and cleaner burn. Another advantage to these systems is the electronics involved. The electronics have advanced to allow for faster engine management. Fast engine control means additional precision required to manage a direct injection system.

As you can imagine, the precision required is immense. Direct injection systems have to supply the correct amount of fuel at precisely the right time. Engine designs can also determine the type of fuel spray pattern required. If your injectors have become dirty or build up any gum on its surface, it’s ability to do a precise job will be compromised. A compromised system can lead to injector and engine damage.

Replacing fuel injectors at Wayne’s Automotive Center isn’t a low-cost endeavor. Direct injection injectors are even more costly because of the extremely high-pressure they use. It is the same thing for diesel fuel injectors; we’re talking mortgage payment-range to replace a set of diesel injectors.

A professional fuel system cleaning from Wayne’s Automotive Center gets out the gum and varnish in the whole system, including the fuel injectors. Keep those injectors clean, and they’ll last a long, long time.

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