Why Does My Car Shudder When Coming to a Stop off the Freeway

Problems Wheels / tires or brakes are the cause of the car shuddering while braking.It’s not uncommon to be driving home from work on the Reno freeway and notice your car is violently vibrating as you slow down to get off of the highway. But what makes the car vibrate so badly?

Well, this can be caused by several different things. Some will have you paying an auto repair shop like Wayne’s Automotive Center a visit. Others will just need you to make a quick stop to pick up some inexpensive parts.The possible causes for a vibrating vehicle upon stopping are these:

The possible causes for a vibrating vehicle upon stopping are these:

  • The most common reason your car vibrates when coming to a stop is the alignment of your tires. Improperly rotated and aligned tires will cause your vehicle to shake when approaching a stop. Especially when coming to a stop from higher speeds because the tires are pointing in different directions. This is something which occurs frequently and is inexpensive to fix.
  • A less common reason this could be occurring is your brakes, which are likely everyone’s first thought. Throughout your brakes’ life, the pads are pressed up against the rotors every time you push your brake pedal to stop or slow down. Over time, your rotors and pads will wear down. If they wear down too much the rotors and brake pads will not fully press up against the rotors. This causes a vibration which you can feel through your whole car AND the brake pedal.
  • The least common reason this could happen is your brake caliper grips or sticks to your rotors. This can happen because of tar or other sticky residues on the rotor, or if you have been braking hard frequently. The rotors and calipers can become stuck together temporarily because of sticky residues or the high temperatures created by hard braking melting the brake pad surface. This will cause a vibrating you will feel more through the steering wheel. Your brakes will smell of burnt rubber and hot metal upon fully stopping.
  • The last reason this could be happening is due to bald tires. This is pretty self-explanatory if you have bald tires your car could vibrate upon stopping because it is not gripping as well as it should.

Although these problems seem like they would be a lot of expensive repair work, they can be easily fixed without breaking the bank. In most of these scenarios, it is a given the first order of business to correcting these issues is to replace your brake pads and rotors. In the event it is a result of incorrectly rotated tires, you simply take the vehicle to an auto repair shop like Wayne’s Automotive Center and have the tires rotated for an affordable price and all is well.

So if your car ever experiences violent vibrations while stopping on the streets of Reno, just remember no matter the cause, the fix is simple. Reno drivers can drop by Wayne’s Automotive Center for simple fixes before the shuddering turns into an expensive accident.

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