Auto Repairs That You Shouldn’t Ignore in Reno Nevada

Auto Repairs That You Shouldn’t Ignore in Reno Nevada

Do you ever ignore auto repairs that need immediate attention? Being a car owner you’ll need to know when to listen to your vehicle, many people often see and hear but choose to ignore immediate auto repairs. Here are some auto maintenance and repair tips in Reno Nevada that each car owner shouldn’t ignore.

According to an article at, “Car Problems that Everyone Should Know”

“Over the years folks have come to me with car problems that, though they were truly problems, did not need immediate attention. I know I always harp on getting the job done as soon as possible and having it done correctly by someone who knows what they are doing. However, sometimes it’s just not in the budget or it isn’t timely for a different reason.

Here’s a list of repairs that can usually wait.

1. Oil Leaks

Oil often leaks from your engine’s rear and front main oil pan seals, which necessitates an expensive engine-out repair. Oil can also leak from the timing cover seals, valve cover gaskets, and intake plenum, all of which necessitate some amount of engine disassembly and a resultant hefty repair bill.

Engine oil leaks can lead to major damage if you ignore them and continue to drive the vehicle. But when faced with an oil leak that you simply cannot pay for, you can always try gingerly tightening up a compromised gasket by “snugging up” the mounting bolts. Sometimes the bolts have backed off by virtue of engine vibration, and by gently tightening the bolts you can stop the leak without replacing the gasket.

You must be careful though — don’t over-tighten them because you may split the gasket and create a bigger problem. If tightening them still doesn’t stop the leak, then simply keep an eye on the oil level and fill as necessary until you are able to pay for the fix.

2. Engine Knocks

This is an area that is subjective. If an automotive repair tech is sure that the knock is due to something like a wrist pin, piston slap, or main bearing, these are the kinds of knocking that can go a long time before repair. So if you’re financially strapped, go ahead and drive it. Just understand that if your budget is strained now, it will be even more so if and when the engine fails.

If the knock is due to a rod bearing, then the engine will probably fail immediately and your decision will be made for you. When it comes to engine knocks, it’s all about proper diagnosis before driving. If you know what you’re dealing with, you can make an informed decision as to wait, fix, or junk.”

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