Auto Repair Maintenance Tips in Reno

Your vehicle is an investment so why not give it the best auto maintenance possible. Want a few tips that will help keep your vehicle running in great shape? Learn some of the basic tips that one shouldn’t overlook when it comes to auto repairs in Reno & Sparks.

According to an article at, “Making Your Vehicle Last Longer”

“Here is some basic car maintenance tips that will help you keep your car running in tip-top shape:

Always change the oil. A regular oil change will most likely help prolong the life of your vehicle. It is also an imperative before you head out on long road trips. Clean oil does not only keep your car running but contributes to better gas mileage as well.

Check your brake pads for wear regularly. More often than not, it is only when people hear grinding noise coming from their breaks that they realize that it’s time to do something. Well, this is when it’s actually too late. At this point usually, you would need rotors and rotors cost more than brake pads.

Clean your car engine. You can consult with your mechanic on the proper ways to keep your car engine area clean. You may not realize that many auto engine repairs could be avoided just by having a clean engine. Understand that the layer of grime can cause engine overheat. And an overheated engine will break much faster.

Keep your tires properly inflated. Always ensure that your tires are at the correct pressure – neither over nor under inflated. And as suggested by the U.S. Department of Energy, keeping your tires at the correct pressure improves gasoline mileage. Not to mention that proper air pressure is critical for safety and optimum driving performance.

Watch your driving. Vehicle experts suggest that there are little things you can do while driving that will help maintain your car in good shape. First, be gentle and avoid accelerating too fast or breaking too hard. Second, warm up your car on cold days before driving. And third, do not take short, particularly trips under 10 minutes. Such short drives can be hard on your engine as it can never get up to its optimal operating temperature.

Use quality gasoline and avoid running on empty. Many consumers have switched to low-quality gasoline because of the struggling economy. However, gasoline with lower quality leaves behind carbon deposits, which in turn reduce gas mileage.

And running your car on empty is also not a good car care move, as gasoline sediments settle at the bottom of the tank. And if the gas level runs really low, your car will actually use the dirtiest gasoline in its gas tank.

It’s often easy to take a car for granted, however bear in mind that in order to save your car and wallet in the long run, you need to take good care of your car starting today.”

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