Getting New Tires in Reno?

New Tire Buying Basics Tips Everyone in Reno and Sparks, NV eventually replaces their tires. They do this because they're worn out, or they're just looking for something different. There are so many tire choices in the Reno area that selecting the right one can be a bit overwhelming for drivers. And even [...]

2018-08-13T09:50:36-07:00August 13th, 2018|Auto Safety, Ownership, Parts & Accessories|

Sparks Auto Care – Battery Tips To Keep You Running This Summer

It's essential for Reno and Sparks drivers to know battery basics.  Today, Wayne's Automotive Center will bring you a Reno and Sparks auto care tip that could save you needless frustration. So, let's talk about which is harder on a battery – hot or cold NV weather. Most drivers think that cold weather damages a battery [...]

2018-06-11T09:28:09-07:00June 11th, 2018|Auto Repair, Maintenance, Parts & Accessories|

Timing Belt Costs | Sparks Auto Care | NV | 775-356-6996

Timing Belt Replacement Costs Understand Timing Belt Components To Understand Replacement Costs Unfortunately, most drivers are not aware they will have to deal with timing belt costs at some point. It's better to understand necessary expenses before they become a significant problem for a vehicle's owner. Most reputable Sparks Auto Care shops will provide detailed [...]

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Cabin Air Filters – Why They Should be Changed on a Regular Basis

Changing the cabin air filter isn't on most Reno drivers car maintenance to-do list. If it is, it's usually near the bottom of the list. Some Reno drivers may not even be aware their car has a cabin air filter. Be they sub-compacts or top-of-the-line luxury modes, most cars these days are fitted with a cabin [...]

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