Shocks And Struts Can Wear Out – Learn How

Properly Working Struts and Shocks Are Important To Safety Many Reno and Sparks drivers probably don't think of their shock absorbers as an essential safety system, but to the contrary, that is precisely what shocks and struts are. Shocks and struts help ride control – keeping your vehicle tires in contact with the [...]

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Understanding Engine Control Module Trouble Codes

Beginning in 1996, Wayne's Automotive Center automotive specialists could utilize a standardized framework to help figure out what's going on with a vehicle. This problem framework works with the Engine Control Modules for every car. The Engine Control Module is like a mini PC that screens and controls numerous motor functions. What is the Engine [...]

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Reno and Sparks Automotive Services Defined

  Most Northern Nevada service centers have a menu board that lists common automotive services available. We want to help our customers be familiar with the services we provide. Here is a list of common things you might see: Fuel System Cleaning After long periods of continued use, a fuel system can start [...]

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